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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to all European Gateway Cities and the whole of mainland USA next working day.

Gateway will collect and deliver to almost every country in the world.
Using local specialised agents we have local knowledge of even the most remote destinations.

Who handles duty tax?

We can arrange for all duties and taxes to be paid on our customer behalf or arrange for the consignee to be contacted by our local agent who will help with any paperwork that maybe required by the destination customs.

How large do you ship?

Gateway can deliver any package from an envelope to a pallet and even bigger on request.

All international shipments are charged per kilo.

How do I calculate costs?

To check the volumetric weight of you package please use this calculation

(in cm’s)length x depth x height then divide by 5000 for example, an A4 paper box dimensions are 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, so 30 x 30 x 30 dived by 5000 equals 5.4kg, so if that box was empty the dead weight would be 0.5kg, but the chargeable weight will be 5.4kg.

Please note, if the volumetric weight of the shipment exceeds the dead weight then the higher amount will be charged.

Can I track online?

Gateway offers immediate updates on all shipments via email, or you can track online using your confirmed tracking number.

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